029. Meeting Irvine Welsh (+ screening) (Part 2)

I forgot to do part two of my getting to meet Irvine Welsh (part one is here), and this is even more amazing than simply a book signing.


When I was lining up for the movie screening that was to start, a girl I had been speaking with on Twitter prior (via, Irvine Welsh and this TIFF Books on Film thing) came up to me to say ‘hi’. Following that, two girls came up to us and mentioned they were looking for two more people to join them to meet Irvine Welsh personally. Turns out they won this Random House Canada draw and weren’t fans so they wanted to find ‘true fans’ – and they did. Me and Heather (the girl I met via Twitter).

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028. Irvine Welsh Screening Trainspotting + Signing (Part 1)

So I’m in Toronto, sitting in a Tim Hortons right beside TIFF and waiting the three hours or so until I have to go line up to get to meet my favourite author, Irvine Welsh. There will be a screening of Trainspotting and then he will be doing a signing of his books and it’s amazing. I’m going to go and grab a copy of his newest book, A Decent Ride and hopefully read that tonight.


This trip is a literal last minute plan. Irvine told me about this whole thing on my Twitter today after we previously exchanged some words (I’m notorious for having broken my hand the read a part in Skagboys that was relevant to my injury while in the ER, I Tweeted him and he knows me as the broken hand person hahaha). I told my girlfriend who proceeded to buy my ticket, and a friend who was heading into Toronto gave me a ride.


I live an hour away so this was a very nice thing for him to have done. I’m going to be posting about the show afterwards, but for now, I need to pass the time by sitting in this Tim Hortons and hope they don’t kick me out (because I don’t know anyone in Toronto and thus, would have no where to go).


This is a once in a lifetime chance for me and I am extremely excited for this to be a thing I get to be apart of. I’m hoping to get a photo with Irvine, but if I don’t, I’ll have my books signed and have seen him and that will be awesome enough for me.


I will try and update as I can but for now, this will be a 2 or 3 part post.


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