UPDATED: M.17.2017

I think I’m overdue for an ‘about me’ page that’s accurate but not a total too long, didn’t read (tl;dr) and since I’m being recognized in person around my city for my blog, I think it’s about time I get something written up. So here we go.

My name is Nixy, and while I have a different birth name, that no longer matters thanks to the joys of being able to change your name. I go by Nixy but sometimes people shorten it to Nix. I’m 30 and if I have to describe myself, I say I’m a unpublished, disgruntled writer, an iPhoneographer/photographer who enjoys gaming, mixed-media journaling (including bullet journaling), walks along the escarpment and hanging out with my Russian Blue named Roman.

I’m an un-official advocate for mental illness and eating disorder awareness. I live in one of the hubs of mental health in Southern Ontario and am working in my free time to show the other side to mental health treatment: the side where those of us who desperately need help slip through the cracks and are left to suffer. Those of us who have had treatment and help dangled in our faces like steak to a dog, only to have this help yanked away when we needed it most.


I’m here to prove that while I still need help and am no where near ‘recovered’, I am working towards being the best that I can be through friendship, writing and other distractions. I’m trying my best, and when I fall, I pick myself up and try again and again. I’m either relentless or stubborn. Some say I’m just strong and perhaps I am. Whatever descriptive word you use, I don’t have any plans on quitting any time soon, even if I have my darker days and want to just CTRL-ALT-DEL life (or, ALT-F4 life).

Some of my hobbies that have helped me in “recovery” (I hesitate to use that word as I would not consider myself recovered but perhaps on the road to recovery) are online roleplay (no, not cybering or any of that freaky shit most people assume RP is), gaming (Skyrim, World of Warcraft the The Sims 3) – the latter game I make downloadable content for other players. That is a good anti-stress. Other things I do are getting coffeed/decaf/half-caf/tea/whatever at Tim Horton’s with friends, or simply coming to Tim Horton’s to write.

Every year I participate in Nanowrimo (http://nanowrimo.org – National Novel Writing Month), as well as Camp Nanowrimo in April and I believe it’s June or July.

MY CAT + I | J.10.17

I’m a newly converted dreadhead, and have begun my dread journey on June 5th 2013 with thanks to Dearly Dreaded (check her out on Facebook) for getting me started and for extensions as my hair was rather short. I cut my dreadlocks off November 2014. Since then I’ve rocked short hair that was bright blue, red, purple, black and then, toned white. Most currently I’ve had a mohawk with a rat tail which was black, then white (toned grey, then toned blue) and finally black with some white.

I’m big into believing in inner peace and believing in one’s self above all, though I would consider myself atheist if I have to choose a religion. I’m non-political and have no desire to talk about politics nor my ‘stance’/’side’. I believe in art as therapy, that positive breeds postive and that beautiful things can happen when you distance yourself from negativity. I believe in influence, loving kindness, the way reconditioning ones mind can help with mental illness (in my case: DBT, CBT and CPT). I do not condone bullying, harassment, cyber harassment or threats of any kind towards any human, animal or otherwise. 

I’m a weather buff, focusing mostly on severe weather, and aspire to go storm chasing again once I make it through a CANWARN training session and other such training necessary to go chasing safely. Sometimes you will see me at Hamilton’s James Street North Art Crawls or Tim Hortons (one of the two near me), but that’s about it. I suffer a myriad of anxiety disorders (as well as other mental disorders) which keeps me from going to a lot of public outings but I am trying to get better in that way.

If you’re local, found my blog, and want to talk let me know ! I’m game for new people, just keep in mind that I’ve a great liar and bullshit detector and if you’re an extremely negative or creepy person I’ve every right to walk away. I want to expand my circle but I won’t invite negativity into my life anymore.