029. Meeting Irvine Welsh (+ screening) (Part 2)

I forgot to do part two of my getting to meet Irvine Welsh (part one is here), and this is even more amazing than simply a book signing.


When I was lining up for the movie screening that was to start, a girl I had been speaking with on Twitter prior (via, Irvine Welsh and this TIFF Books on Film thing) came up to me to say ‘hi’. Following that, two girls came up to us and mentioned they were looking for two more people to join them to meet Irvine Welsh personally. Turns out they won this Random House Canada draw and weren’t fans so they wanted to find ‘true fans’ – and they did. Me and Heather (the girl I met via Twitter).

I kept repeating if they were joking I’m going to cry but it turns out they were legit. We met someone from TIFF downstairs (the screening was upstairs) and proceeded to get a copy of the book I just bought – Irvine Welsh’s new novel, A Decent Ride. From there we were led down a hallway and towards the bathrooms (irony, if the meet and greet would be conducted there) and into a ‘hidden’ room (unmarked door).


The four of us (plus the woman leading us) walk into this room and there he is: Irvine fucking Welsh himself, standing near some armchairs. There’s a few photographers and such in the room and oh man, I felt like Spud (character in Trainspotting – one of Welsh’s most popular novels) with the jitteriness and feeling like I was speaking far too quickly to comprehend.


Irvine himself looks like he does in all the pictures – he came off as light-hearted and happy to be there. Didn’t seem to give the air of entitlement and just general “I’m famous” douche-baggery that I’ve noticed with other famous people I have met (Chad from Nickelback and Trent Reznor, I’m looking at you two). Immediately I found myself smiling, shaking his hand partially being in awe of his accent.


I’m an accent junky, alright? Sue me.


I internally fangirled when he recognised who I was (broken hand girl) and that we had previously corresponded on Twitter. That was awesome. He was so easy-going that I didn’t feel nervous at all, not even during the book signing (and thank you, Irvine, for signing a book and personalising it for my best friend – you pretty much made her year).


I probably could’ve talked to him for hours, and while I feel bad I gave a semi shite opinion on my town (he asked, I likened it to Edinburgh of Trainspotting jokingly) we had some good conversation and I told him about the art community on James St North. I forget what else was talked about and I’m a bad person for that.


When it came time for photos, that was pretty awesome (even though I came off looking ridiculous) – I do hope I’m able to get the photos from the event (at least the ones of me) and post them or have them for personal collection.


Added to the post are my autographs in Trainspotting and A Decent Ride as well as the copy of the autograph in my best friend’s copy of A Decent Ride. I watermarked them because people like to steal autographs and try and sell the photos, so no thanks :) Also added is the photo of Irvine and myself that was taken with my iPhone by one of the women that worked the meet and greet.


Getting to see Trainspotting in 35mm and not the extended/full version off of my special edition DVD was amazing. I noticed where some parts were missing but I also enjoyed the grittiness of the film as it was released originally. I quoted more than 70% of it with Heather and had a laugh at all the parts where people groaned in disgust. It was probably the best time I had ever had at a movie ever.


Afterwards came the Q+A. I could go into a whole thing about it but I would have to transcribe my audio clip (which I may do later). Despite not being allowed to record, I kind of cheated and made an audio file of the last 40 minutes (out of 50 minutes) of the Q+A since I wasn’t sure if TIFF would post any of the recordings they made.


If you’re looking for my question, it’s the ‘hey hello’ one that leads into asking if he ever thought writing in Scots would affect editing or sales or what have you. (click this X for the file).


If I get anything from TIFF I will update the post. If there’s any questions, leave them in the comments and Irvine, if you see this, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!

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